Episode 20 - Smitty Breaks a World Record

July 6, 2017

Episode 20 - Smitty Breaks a World Record

Be sure to download The Important Questions Theme in 8 bit and you'll have about 35 seconds of fun. 

Speaking of 35 seconds of fun, you're in for 39 seconds of world shattering record breaking this week in our special 20th episode! 

You've all seen the video of that kid that attempts the longest "yeah boy" and gets a solid 30 seconds. Well, we decided to all give it a shot, and Smitty dominated that kid by 9 seconds and setting a new world record: 39 seconds of yeah boy. Go ahead and skip to the 12 minute mark if you're the kind of person that wants to hear our record shattering but not the rest of the show. 

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Now onto this week's questions:

1) Google and Youtube are incredible sources of knowledge. There is almost no end to the amount you can learn just off of the internet. With that said, will these sites ever start giving degrees after you've proved you learned your skills from the web?

2) What can't dynamite fix? The answer may surprise you! #7 literally killed me.

3) Smitty is fascinated by his own farts, as I'm sure many of us are by are own. However, why are we disgusted by other farts while loving our own?

4) What is the worst personality you can download into your GPS and get directions from?

We'll take that world record trophy now, Guinness. 

Rsz 2rsz cover art

Our pal Smitty has a great instagram @mista_smiff where you can find the stuff he does outside of making art for our show. If you follow, you'll be exposed to such greats as

Smitty art 2

Enjoy your week, dumbass.

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