Episode 19

June 29, 2017

Episode 19

Hey folks, if you haven't checked out The Important Questions Theme in 8 bit then you're really missing out. It's the first of many different genres our theme will be transformed to. 

Hear our intro? That was Myk O'Connor. He runs a podcast called Can I Get a Ride which gives a funny perspective of the ride sharing world from a career ride sharer. He's the first in our guest intro slots and I couldn't be more satisfied with his smooth and rich, buttery voice. You'll hear more of that if you check out his show, which of course I would encourage. 45-60 minute shows, just like us!

This week's art is brought to you by Smitty coming out of the closet. Smitty is a terrific artist. If you'd like to see his work outside of the podcast, he's @mista_smiff on Instagram. You'll see such work as this:


Anyways onto the content of the week. 

1) For men who have used urinals to relieve themselves, they are now familiar with the growing trend of automatic flushing urinals with the blinking red light. Of course, the number on conspiracy theory is that it's a camera and it's snapping pics of your members while you tinkle. That said, if somebody really had a database of all the worlds' dicks, what could they do?

2) What separates MILF porn from just plain cougars? Should mothers in porn portraying their role be more motherly?

3) Simply enough, why do dumb shit animals jump in front of our cars?

4) When the worst campaigns on Go Fund Me inevitably fail, what happens to the losers that create them?

We've been pestering celebrities on Twitter to submit questions to us, but since we're not important to them, our celebrity listener special might take a bit. In the mean time, please submit a question to us via email, the site, social media, or telepathy. Also donate money to us on Patreon so we're not so poor. 

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