Episode 18

June 14, 2017

Episode 18

The Important Questions now has a new and permanent recording location! This of course means more episodes, a more consistent schedule, and new content and website additions! We're dropping episodes every Thursday as we did before, with the exception of this late Wednesday release. I'll put more of the "what's happening" after the show notes. 

But first, make sure you download that The Important Questions Theme Song

Smitty starts this episode off with the art-based question of the week. What is the worst thing about the world of Axe Body Spray? The great shower replacement for puberty-ridden children creates a world through their commercials and products which generally just sucks. Also, plenty of ranting and raving about douchey fragrances. 

I field question 2. Within the next 50 years, I'd like to retire and maybe work a part time job. However, the main job for old people (Walmart greeters) may be taken over by robots by then. What are the pros and cons of switching to an AI Walmart greeter system versus keeping the old human models?

We segue into Scott's question after we meander to the topic of fidget spinners. Scott wants to know how long the lifespan of a fad is, from birth to making fun of those who still partake. Fidget spinners are already associated with being autistic, and male rompers became shitty nearly the moment it became public. 

Mitch rounds off the episode. Having just got back from Las Vegas, Mitch asks: What happens to the Pawn Stars' belongings once they kick the bucket? Does all their shit just end up back in the shop for resale? The show ends with a hilarious list of hypothetical "Pawn" shows based on the History Channel's love of making pawn sound like porn. Hardcore Pawn. Pawnography. Tranny Pawn. Ebony Pawn. Mature Pawn.

Thank you as always to our artist Smitty for his depiction of prepubescent smells. Theme song by Mitch, Scott, and Dave.

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Now, if you're wondering what's new in the world of The Important Questions...........

Next week is our 2nd Listener special episode! We have our questions selected, however we don't want our listener episodes to stop. Keep submitting questions via email, social media, or by clicking the "submit a question" button right here on our page. We love reading through your questions!


Scott and Dave are working on creating an album entirely composed of the show's theme song recreated into as many different genres as possible. They will be featured at the end of upcoming episodes and will be available for download each week, as well as altogether once the album is complete. 


The website has some more features to come, and it may include the kickstart to merch! We've tested a shirt design which we're happy with. 


Finally, several friendly shows have recorded episode intros for us. Starting the week after our Listener Special, you will get to hear our brief intro done from different podcasters with great shows of their own. We're extremely thankful that were willing to partner up. 

We will play literally any voicemail. Leave us a message: (815) 905-1138