Episode 17

May 9, 2017

Episode 17

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This week's artwork depicts Smitty's question pummeling him in a brilliant comic sans font. Praise be to comic sans!

Due to my shitty cohosts interrupting me, I start this episode off. I want to know how more sports can be tailored to the fat and untalented. With baseball, we created softball. With golf, we created mini-golf. Now my fatass doesn't need to acquire talent, but I want that applied to other sports as well.

Question 2 goes to Mitch. Mitch asks when will the "breastaurant" bubble burst? More and more restaurants are trying to take what Hooters started, but is there an end in site to attempting to create a completely nude restaurant?

Smitty takes question 3. What truly happens to the 0.01% of bacteria that our hand soaps and alcohol based sanitation. 

Finally, Scott rounds us off with the most meta question of the series; likely past, present, or future. What makes a question an important question? Plenty of good advice here for fans who want to SUBMIT A GODDAMN QUESTION for the next upcoming listener episode! :)

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Oh, and finally...........

The Important Questions will, once again, be taking a short break. Dave didn't bust his hip, but we are moving to a new, permanent recording studio and need some time to set things up. We are hoping to return by June 8th with new episodes back on our original Thursday release days. Until then, keep in touch on social media and submit your questions, because when we return, the 2nd of our listener episodes will be recorded! 

As always, from all of us at The Important Questions, have a lovely week!

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