The Lightning Round: Volume 2

May 2, 2017

The Lightning Round: Volume 2

The Important Questions Theme Song

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Some fans may remember around December of 2016 we dropped a lightning round episode. Well, we had a few months since then, and we all got another question that would be great if we were forced to only talk about it for 5 minutes. That's the catch of these episodes: if we can't finish the topic in 5 minutes, we don't. 

We hope everyone enjoys this week's artwork featuring the 2nd Lightning Round question of this episode. 

Starting this show is Mitch. Mitch asks why video game soundtracks have gotten so much less memorable. After games got away from 8-bit and MIDI tracks, we talk about what games still have a good enough memorable soundtrack. 

Dave takes question number 2. Now, this is a question I've seen floating around time to time, so it's not original. However, I've never seen a real analysis of the answer. What if everything was spiders? Everything......down to the atom.....spiders...

Scott asks the 3rd question; what are old people listening to in order to get pumped up at the gym? He's sees them on the treadmill with their cassette players, and the curiosity just got the best of him.

Finally, rounding off our episode of quick banter, Smitty asks a very solid, very important question. There's apple sauce. Why ain't there other fruit sauce? And not that strawberry-apple Motts bullshit. Real fruit smashed into some quality sauce. 

If everyone manages to stick past the 20 minutes of questions, our last 15 minutes features a gift from a fan. Thank you for the snacks, Evan. Awhile ago, we talked about eating crickets becoming more common in our world. One fan took it upon himself to send us cricket food, and some other health snacks. We try them on the show and give some brutally honest feedback. If you guys want to try some of the foods we tried, click the links below:

Cricket Bars

Rice Toast

Broccoli Bites

Thank you to every fan who submitted a question, reached out to us, reviewed us, and let us know their thoughts. If you haven't yet, however, that big "SUBMIT A QUESTION" button on our site can be your ticket into having your specific question answered. Enjoy the week!