Episode 16

April 25, 2017

Episode 16

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This week's artwork depicts a cancerous meme. Don't stare too long. It's like the sun or something. As always, the artwork is brought to you by Smitty. 

Mitch kicks off our 16th episode. Why don't commercials for products simply embrace their secondary uses? Those tissues, that lotion, that toilet paper..... Also, why are people so offended by shit? 

Then there's Scott. Scott asks why there is Braille on the driver's side of anything. There really isn't much more to put about that question. It's genuine. Why?

Smitty presents question 3. Will memes ever die? Will internet culture just become a malignant cancer on society? In my view, maybe it already has. We also reminisce about old memes back before they became autistic. RIP normie memes.

Finally, Dave caps off the episode with the question....how do conjoined twins work? Not anatomically, although that's a miracle in itself. But marriage, crimes, filing taxes, etc.... other every day parts of life likely have to have giant differences due to that issue. Also, Mitch, there was a conjoined twin country singer. You were absolutely right. 

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