Episode 15

April 18, 2017

Episode 15

Podcast theme master

As always, feel free to download our theme song composed by Dave, Mitch, and Scott.

Episode 15's artwork features myself, Dave, as a Sims character shooting up. Leads into my question for this week. However, I'm down at question #2 for this episode. First question goes to Smitty. 

The Harry Potter universe has a lot to offer by itself but doesn't explore the possibilities of all the fetishes that could exist. If you had the power of any magic, what kinks could you think up to try?

My question is Sims related. One day Sims 5 will come out and it'll have better graphics and a few little updates and features. However, why not add some realistic parts of life that downright suck? Maybe your Sims baby is born mutated. Maybe your job sucks. There's a lot of good to be added. 

Scott being curious about twins, asks a question about twins. If you were to one day discover you had an identical twin, how would you mess with their lives? Also importantly, would you even mess with their lives? 

Finally Mitch asks why reality TV shows don't feature amateurs just doing their best. Why not? Imagine Survivorman featuring some dude, Gerald, who has no prior training trying to survive the great Pacific Northwestern forests, fending off bears, and scrounging for potentially toxic berries. 

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