Episode 14

April 11, 2017

Episode 14

Podcast theme master

If you dig our theme song, Mitch, Scott, and I wrote that. Feel free to download it by clicking that wonderful link.

Welcome back fans. It's been 2 long months of basking in questions without anybody to answer them, and I'm happy to say we're not dead and will be answering those questions yet again. Please enjoy this week's art by Smitty which he couldn't scan because technology still sucks and it's current year. 

This week's lovely art depicts Scott as Bigfoot. That ties into Scott's lovely question: How is a show called Finding Bigfoot on its 7th season? There is no evidence for Bigfoot, yet the show manages to stay going. 

Question 2 is from Smitty. He was curious about the professions of Nintendo characters Mario and Luigi. Sure they kill turtles and do shrooms, but they're also plumbers. Not much is known about their field of work. Are they any good at what they do?

Mitch, having recently suffered a wrist injury, wanted to know how bad a wrist injury has to be to no longer warrant masturbation jokes. As it turns out, even having to get it chopped off isn't immune from that low hanging fruit. You were just spanking too hard, Mitch. 

Finally I cap the episode off. I am a carnivore, like most of the world, with no intent of ever stopping my yearning for animal flesh. However, if animals could scream in pain like humans, would much of the population hesitate to continue eating them?

Oh by the way, welcome to our new Tuesday evening show time. My stupid ass is still recovering from an injury and I got physical therapy on Thursday evenings. Therefore, the show will be dropping on Tuedsay evening for the foreseeable future. 

We are also opening a Patreon account for anybody that wants to support us! All donations appreciated to keep our show going strong.


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