The Early Tapes: Volume 3

February 3, 2017

The Early Tapes: Volume 3

Welcome to this, our final in the archived series of demos that we recorded before our initial show release. 

These shows were recorded as our starting point, and we had much to learn from these. Also, most could probably realize we upgraded Mitch's microphone. Take these for what they are. There's definitely some good parts here and there. This week:

I ask about building pay to poop facilities. Every human need has been monetized except for our need to defecate. If your next poop was made into a great experience, would you pay to poop?

Scott asks how the slippery banana peel story came to be.

Smitty wants to know if our future will tailor sex robots to our various fetishes. The future is now!

Finally, Mitch wants to know who will have your vote for the McDonald's Playland election. Will you vote for 4 more years of Mayor McCheese?

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