Episode 12

January 12, 2017

Episode 12

"It's not colored because I'm a pretentious piece of shit."

-Smitty on why artwork of himself is black and white. There's your explanation.

For those of you who read my show notes, thank you. You are the reason I type show notes. These show notes are the show notes for our 12th episode. 

Mitch hosts this week and tried something new by giving us a quick lightning question right off the bat. If your doctor gave you a prostate exam and described the results to you using only emojis, would we the results be? Try this with your friends at home!

Scott first asks a question about why states are creating ads no longer for us to vacation there, but to live there. What good slogans and reasons do states have to convince you to abandon your life and family in your shitty home?

I proceed to take question #2. I passed a Denny's that said pancakes were 50% fluffier! That could just be a scheme, but 50% is real quantitative data that probably warranted some studies and experiments. What was the science behind creating a fluffier pancake?

Mitch asks how other products would be marketed if it took the intensity of products marketed to men. If they marketed lawn bags the way Monster Energy Drink was, every product aimed towards men would be intensified. 

Finally we let Smitty take the last question which he borrowed from his lady friend who is a fan of the show. What would the apocalypse be like for people who still had their braces on? Minor inconvenience, or inevitable downfall?


Artwork by Smitty, Music by Mitch, Scott, and Dave. 

I was thinking of opening an Important Questions shop on the page. Maybe sell off our original artwork prints or make some products. If there is any interest, please let me know!

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