Episode 11

January 5, 2017

Episode 11


Hey guys, we here at The Important Questions like doing nice things. This week, we encourage you all to donate to St. Jude and their spectacular medical research. Also, we're going to do some donating ourselves. For every 5 downloads before January 31, we will pitch in $1. 

Give generously!

One more bit before the content of our show this week - huge thank you from all the guys for getting us up to 1000 downloads! It's nothing short of amazing that in a short time, so many people have taken a liking to what we do. We couldn't be more thankful.

This week features less of our shitty opinions on celebrities and went south even further to our shitty opinions on children. But we're 4 guys with no kids, so our opinions are rock solid. 

Scott wants to know why we're rewarding kids for things that don't warrant reward. Money for teeth? Middle school promotion ceremonies? Participation awards? Necessary, or leading our kids down a sad, tear filled path?

Then we abandon that question.

Smitty asks what moments in history must have been extremely awkward. Awkward moments happen in our lives all the time. From the good people of history to the side we'd all like to forget about, these things happen and some historic events may have been pretty rough to be at. 

Mitch wants to know what our money is worth to us when grocery store lines and drive thru windows ask you to donate to their shitty charities. Truth is, many of those quick donations are scams. My proof is some internet article:

Grocery store charities are scams!

If the internet says it's true...........

For this reason, we respect good charities. That's why this week, again, we encourage a donation to an organization that is worthwhile. 

I round off this episode. What would happen to a human with the power of flight in real life? Sure, it seems like fun. Would that person's life be a living hell? The government would likely put severe limits on him/her, do rigorous testing, and careful spying. Is it worth it?

Thank you to Smitty, our artist, for this week's picture. Scott and I recorded the theme song. Originally written with Mitch too. We're such talented people.


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