Episode 100 THE FINALE

April 22, 2021

Episode 100 THE FINALE

We recorded our first batch of episodes December 29, 2015. On on April 22, 2021, our final episode was released. At times, releasing seemed like work. At times, recording became a chore. But looking back, for nearly 6 years I have a story built of some good times with buddies of mine. And somewhere along the way, 18,000+ times people decided our friendship was worth a damn to listen to. And although this show wasn't the source of income to quit our jobs the way we'd secretly hoped, it was somehow worth more. But The Circle Jerkwads WILL be the show to get us mainstream and help us quit our jobs - JUST YOU WATCH!

Sincerely, thank you to everyone who ever gave a shit about us. Beauners and people who listened in the shadows alike. We hope this send off is a good one.

And goddamn, with all this sincerity and heartfelt nonsense, you'd think this show wouldn't be just about immature shit - but here's what we talked about this week.

- Discussing Dave's Twitter poll on how people piss

- Scott orders a pair of silk boxers (and loves them)

- Acknowledging nice butts

- What was our favorite question in the show's history? (Thanks, Beau).

- Do farts push the poop out or does poop push the farts out?

- What would it be like if humans had a mating season?

- Which animal would be the worst to bang?

- The Lightning Dump (All the terrible questions we never asked)

Until the day the new show starts. I'm satisfied. 

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