Episode 98

March 18, 2021

Episode 98

Scott wants everyone to know this episode that he doesn't have sex. He doesn't say particularly how long it has been, but rest assured it has been a long time. 

The most important part of this episode to take away is that. Scott needs practice. One day, he believes he will have sex again. And it would be downright embarrassing if he tries the sex and he turns out to be terrible at it. And that gives us our topics for the week....

1) How can Scott stay in practice for sex despite not having any?

2) How do you prepare your meals?

3) What have you owned for a long time for no particular reason?

4) Can the Acolytes differentiate between real or fake news articles? ROUND 3 OR MAYBE 4!

Big news coming in exactly 14 days. Episode 99 BIG NEWS OH FUCK. 

Please listen. Please.

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