Episode 97

March 4, 2021

Episode 97


The Acolytes of Knowledge fire back at shitty Twitter verified user Tony Posnanski - a political "artist" with takes as mild as diet oatmeal and stick figures drawn on printer paper with 220k people apparently ready and willing to buy his shit. 

Well, Mr. Tony Pepperoni elevated his art above this show's, so he must truly think highly of his stick figures. Also, Twitter is straight trash. Apparently writing 3 Huffpost articles is enough to be a verified user. Anyways, this week's art is a 100% completely realist depiction (no joke) of the kind of art he puts up and expects people to buy. 

But enough about Tony and his mildly center-right political takes and love of corporate sell outs. Here's what we got this week...

1) What does pimple juice taste like, and is it better or worse than cum? (Thanks for this beauty of a question, Rico...)

2) Is the body and blood of Christ standardized, or do priests get some freedom in the wine and bread they choose?

3) Who is making shitty boomer memes on social media?

4) What if CPR was done by fucking butts?

Time to beat a dead horse - but if you didn't already know this from the last several teases WE HAVE AN ANNOUNCEMENT COMING ON EPISODE 99 WHICH DROPS 4/1/21.

Now this is no garden variety announcement. Not a merch drop. Not a website expansion.Something bigger and more exciting. And now we're less than a month away from revealing everything. 

But even though there's no new merch or anything, you can still buy the old stuff. Shirt and cup. Cup for piss or discarded pistachio shells. Shirt for piss or cum rag needs. We really are a one stop shop. See you all in 2 weeks.

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