Episode 96

February 18, 2021

Episode 96

I'm doing that thing where I'm on a call for work but also typing show notes. Hoping with all my heart I don't miss something and the other side says "Dave, you there?" and Dave is here in theory, but Dave is also not really paying much attention. Dave is a model employee with a work ethic unrivaled by any other. So far everything seems okay. So to keep things flowing - here's what we're talking about this week.

1) What services should be made deliverable to your homes?

2) Would you take on the responsibilities of the Headless Horseman if it also meant you could use your head for sex stuff?

3) Which animal would be the strangest with human-style buttcheeks?

4) What are some good cleanliness tips for pubes?

Announcement is coming!!! 

Yes, we've been teasing an announcement. And to give you a time and a date, the news will drop on episode 99 which drops on 4/1/21. Now I realize that's April Fool's Day, so I'd like to say now that our announcement is not a joke. 

So we are a mere 41 days away from news that will shock the world. If you're not hyped now, you never will be. 


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