Episode 10

December 29, 2016

Episode 10

Fair warning....episode 10 features our opinions on several celebrities. And since we don't really matter...please just assume we're jealous of their fame and fortune. 

Mitch opens up this episode, which has never been done before. We dive into the world of history with King Henry VIII, the king famous for chopping heads off women who couldn't give him a son. It's well known that he was a famous musician and composer. Knowing the person he was, what was the genre and style of his work?

Scott then fields #2. We all know Robin Williams set the bar super high for celebrities as genies. But say you were to find a magic lamp and rub on it a bit. Which celebrity genie would be the most disappointing to appear?

Smitty keeps our talk of actors going by asking if actors ever got too far into their method acting. Has an actor ever gone so far as to believe they became that role in real life? If so, how would those characters adapt once outside in the real world?

I round this episode off with a discussion on party games. We've played Cards Against Humanity. We've played Disturbed Friends. These games all have a theme of being shocking and vulgar. If the slippery slope argument applies here, what is the end game result of these vulgar party games? Do they devolve into "roll the dice and fuck each other" at some point?

Artwork by Smitty. 

The Important Questions Theme by Mitch, Scott, and Dave; recorded by Dave and Scott. 

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