Episode 93

October 1, 2020

Episode 93

Today marks a historic day in podcast history. Rico has made the artwork for this week's show, and he commemorated a moment in which he receives a testicular related gift during his gift giving time. I'd hate for you to miss out on that, so follow the instagram for pics of his sweet testicular gifts. His sweet gonad-gifts. His sweet ballsack bestowal. And it doesn't stop there as Dave and Smitty both dish out some fantastic stuff. Then we spend 60 minutes talking about who knows what. You really all just care about the first few minutes to see what garbage we throw at Rico's tits as part of some running joke that started like 17 episodes ago. Anyways, here's what we got this week.

1) What would be the shittiest animal to be?

2) Can the Acolytes distinguish real from fake news? (ROUND 2) (ROUND 4 IF YOU'RE A BONER AND GOT THE BONUS EPISODES).

3) Why has everyone forgotten about James Cameron's Avatar?

4) What do Amish people do to entertain themselves while they're shitting?

New bonus episode dropping fukn soon. If you're not donating $1 (or more) then you'll miss out and we won't lose a single bit of sleep over it. Also revamped stuff coming in anticipation of 100 episodes. Hijacking a Twitter hashtag...alternating some items on the merch shop. Just being an all around bigger bitch. We earned it.

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