Episode 92

September 17, 2020

Episode 92

Rico is totally here this week and has some severe pooping to attend to. But he's completely not phoning it in this time. And Dave did not put any of Rico's lines in selectively targeted areas to make for comedic bronze. And it's a late release today, but my computer had issues and Dave uses a 9 year old laptop to podcast with no intent to upgrade anytime soon. Anyways, here's the questions. There's really no notes anymore (were there ever)? It's just come here for Dave's brain vomit and then listen to the podcast on Spotify. Why even come here anymore? But if you made it this far and aren't submitting a question, then fuck you.

1) How can the movie "Teeth" be applied to men and their dicks?

2) What would a day in the life on Noah's Ark have been like?

3) How have you accidentally ruined a nut?

4) How would you run your own town?

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