Episode 91

September 2, 2020

Episode 91

Dave's spacebar is acting up. Maybe I spilled water on it. I don't really know, but typing is becoming obnoxious. Maybe I'll have to keep my show-notes short and sweet. We do, however, need to say that we have a bonus episode also dropping today. So if you're not in that sweet $1 tier on Patreon, you're missing out on primo fukn content only available to the select few that are special enough to get it. And this week, episode 91, we have a special guest. Rico wasn't able to make it, so we compiled RICO BOT to come and drop some lines that we've inserted at very appropriate times. Here's what we got this week...

1) What are the worst sports?

2) How would life change if insects were the size of dogs?

3) What are some superstitions you've held?

4) How would the Acolytes of Knowledge write horoscopes for idiots who believe star signs?

Have a good week, bozos.

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