Episode 90

August 20, 2020

Episode 90

This show has become the epitome of all bad grab bag style comedy podcasts thinking anyone gave a shit about us so instead let's shoot the shit about getting high. And for this one week, that's what we became. Weed so good lol. And it was episode 31, I believe, when we asked why people who get high never shut the fuck up about it. Look how far we declined. Look how they massacred my boy. Fuckin' Scott had to go and try it and now he loves it. But we still put together a show, and here's the ass-blasting that occurred...

1) The reason for my rant......What are creative ways to get high?

2) What would we sacrifice to aliens so they'd leave us alone when they come to Earth?

3) Had to find a good way to word this.....why do rich and famous people diddle kids?

4) The Grand Finale of our is sponge breadlike question.........is everything remotely like everything else?

We have 2 episodes currently in our episode bank, as well as one bonus episode. Right now with school starting for some of our teachers and spouses of teachers, we may go back to remote recording. Yet to be determined. But going back to school in the midst of a pandemic is dumb as hell. And if you're not pissed at our dumbass system, you're not looking hard enough. See ya'll next time.

A bunch of bozos told me you couldn't tell the difference between bread and sponge then insulted me for having standards of similarity. So here, in all black and white, tell me if you can't spot the obvious goddamn difference. 


Picture A


Picture B

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