Episode 89

August 6, 2020

Episode 89

We always knew that intoxication would lead to terrible content. Months to possible a year ago, we recorded an episode drunk - made it through 20 minutes - then gave up and agreed to delete that episode from existence. It was incoherent. It was babbling. And while it sounds like it may have been funny, the novelty would wear off within minutes. 

With that said, Smitty got super fuckin' baked before today's episode and by some miracle remained somewhat coherent. In his own words, however, he said there was a moment in this episode where he knew he was way too high, thus today's artwork. 

As a reminder, we're recording outdoors to remain safe. You'll hear cars, sirens, lawn mowers, gunshots, fucking, and some otherwise unexplained sounds. Here's what we managed to bullshit about this week following 9 minutes of talking about Smitty's homemade pickles. Seriously, fast forward to 10 minutes. Thank me later.

1) What is your online selling etiquette?

2) Why is step sibling porn so common?

3) How do we solve racism?

4) If you could become any piece of furniture, which one would you become?

And now it is my duty to remind you to engage us in conversation or throw cash at us by purchasing a fine shirt or cup. My duty is complete. 

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