Episode 88

July 23, 2020

Episode 88

Well hey there folks.....I guess. And uh, welcome back to the channel. You know we got the uh, episode here for ya today. We got some pretty good topics and what not, so let's get to it here. This is the episode.....The Important Questions...Episode 88!

Dave here, the guy that farts really loudly at the finale of tonight's episode. I just wanted to say that Rico's gift from me this week was a little sasquatch that you put in water and it grows. Well, this episode is about 3 weeks old I'd say from the day we recorded it. And in that 3 weeks, Rico's little squatch became his gigantic son set to destroy the world and all in it. As if 2020 couldn't get worse, huh guys? Now we gotta worry about Rico's ape-son. At some point I'll upload that to our Instagram which is a great reason to plug following us there. 

And whether you're back at the office now working with people despite the fact that our pandemic is worse than it has ever been, or you live in a smart country, we hope that you enjoy this episode that we poured our heart, soul, and semen into. 

1) What could you rob from somebody to mildly inconvenience them?

2) How do you up your masturbation game?

3) Why do you hate people for no good reason?

4) The Acolytes of Knowledge have been tasked with creating the 9th gen of Pokemon. What are we creating?

I'm gonna give this episode....a 5 out of 5!

Boh boh boh, bah bah.

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