Episode 87

July 9, 2020

Episode 87

It's early Thursday. The sun is out. Dave is working from home and his birds are not shutting the fuck up. Dave is on the verge of a coffee poop, and right now everything seems a little shittier than usual. That said, I won't let that get in the way of good show notes. 

This week we managed to find 6 new Lester's sodas. (Remember the pickle and buffalo wing stuff?) And we drink that shit nice and cold while we attempted to beat the heat on Scott's patio in the dead of summer. With disgusting burps now bellowing from our digestive tracts, we attempt to answer these 4 questions.

1) Based on Dave's mozzarella sushi - How would different ethnic cuisines be approached by deeply rural or redneck areas?

2) How much can you change an established character without ruining them?

3) How would you eat an entire Ikea bedframe under threat of death if you can't finish it?

4) What are the most irrational arguments from Rico's wife?


You all need some photographic evidence of cheesy sushi. So here, check this shit out.

IMG 6582

All things considered, it could have been way worse. Hey, do yourself a favor and buy a shirt and a cup. Don't fucking leave this website til you've purchased at least one and also subbed on Patreon for bonus content. Don't fucking dare disobey. I will cry like a motherfucker. I will sit here and cry a lot. Don't make me do it.

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