Episode 86

June 25, 2020

Episode 86

Today is June 25th, 2020, and the United States is getting more full of Coronavirus than we were back in April. Right now, maybe you're back at the office, wearing a mask, and sitting 6-10 feet from your neighbor. Maybe you're still working from home. Maybe, according to Spotify statistics, you're a goddamn child with no worries at all, and certainly no money that you can donate to us or use to purchase sweet fuckin' merch. 

You're scared. You're nervous and sweaty, and not only when you're pooping. But then you get that little ping on your phone. It says The Important Questions Podcast has released a new track. And for 90 minutes, your life is so goddamn sweet that the rest of the world doesn't matter. So enjoy it, Boners and casual flaccid folk. Here's what to expect this week.

1) How can cheesy job orientations be tailored towards cynical people?

2) What were the best kids shows? (oh fuck yea more tier lists cumface.jpg)

3) Why is it that wearing socks and nothing else feels more naked than wearing nothing at all? (nothing at all....nothing at all....nothing at all....)

4) What would different bowel syndromes be like if the adjective at the front changed?


Shirt, cup, bonus episode. 


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