Episode 85

June 11, 2020

Episode 85

We found the Covid 19 loophole that allows people to eat outdoors with complete and 100% certainty that they'll never get sick, and that of course, was to podcast outdoors. So we gathered our asses (Scott's being supple) to Scott's patio where we spoke amidst cars, lawnmowers, and airplanes which our microphones did a good job of keeping out of the way. With some subtle comments on our outdoor environment, and a chance for Smitty to come back and claim revenge by answering which acolyte he would kill, we are now back in business. The business of starting a show solely for the merch sales. We're like Smurfs or Porgs but much less successful. Would you guys buy a plush version of our faces, or is that weird? ..........here's the questions this week. 

1) What would make a butt legendary?

2) Domestricated chips?????,,,??? (question presented exactly as Smitty typed into his phone while baked off his Ass)

3) What behaviors would you excuse if you or someone else had to poop really bad?

4) If aliens abduct you, would you rather be in their zoo or in their circus?

By the way, my show notes never usually include research, but here's an exception. We talk about Mozart in the show somewhere in these 60 some odd minutes, and the song he wrote did translate in English to "Lick My In the Ass"....verifiably true. 

This month's bonus episode includes Blake from Tap Snaps, so if you were a fan last week, you'd be foolish not to drop as little as $1 to our Patreon. There's even suggestive buttons on this site to lead you there. 

And always remember, even though times are hard, our dicks are harder.

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