The Lightning Round: Volume I

December 15, 2016

Our first season is over and we've accumulated a fair deal of questions that didn't make the cut. Perhaps they just weren't good enough. Perhaps they were, but didn't warrant as much discussion. This episode, we took all of those unloved questions and made them the stars. This episode features 8 questions at 5 minutes a piece.

  • How does Extenze know to target the penis?
  • How come noses look weird?
  • Why is 48 hour deodorant a selling point?
  • Was daylight savings time for someone who hit snooze too often?
  • Should all koalas be dead?
  • Why do we have butthole hair?
  • Did the man who invent the claw machine have a weak handshake?
  • Were roller coasters designed initially to torture?

Next Thursday begins all new episodes at the regular format.