Episode 81

March 27, 2020

This episode and the one coming were recorded pre shelter-in-place. We've found a way to record remotely, and while it's not the same, it's proving to still be a fun outlet. With that said, The Important Questions is here to stay throughout the duration of your quarantine. And if you're not a paying beauner, then you're missing out on extra content. Imagine having that extra little entertainment to keep you from going crazy in your homes. Now imagine not having that content, and you're suddenly covered in clown makeup, you fucking bozo. Here's your questions for the week. 

1) How would religion as a mental illness be cured?

2) What things did you deal with as a child that you still deal with as an adult?

3) What would our body's version of Osmosis Jones look like?

4) How would we deal with our farts if they had the strength and smell of skunk spray?

I think it goes without saying, I know you're home right now. I now you're bored. And the fact that you are these things and our show keeps creating content means that you not calling into our voicemail lines or submitting questions is purely done out of malice and spite. And I'll remember that. I'll remember all this bullshit after the plague comes and goes. For more information on plagues, please go to episode 39 where Dave asks if we need a new plague and then it came fukn true.

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