Episode 80

March 12, 2020

Episode 80

Hello all. Dave is pleased to announce his new laptop battery allows his laptop to live. It's pretty sweet. I forgot how good it felt to have something that wasn't a piece of shit. 

Anyways, you may have noticed we switched to biweekly releases. We've decided to savor our episode backlog as long as possible since we're unable to get together anytime soon for reasons that are wuhan-y. For those who are wuhan'd at home, we hope you take pleasure in some laughter. Not this boring ass show though. You won't find it here.

1) Would you rather only drink or only eat for the rest of your lives?

2) Which invention would you most take for granted?

3) What are the stupidest debates?

4) What song stuck on repeat would cause the most pain?

Next release will be 3/26. See you bozos then.

We will play literally any voicemail. Leave us a message: (815) 905-1138