Episode 79

February 27, 2020

Episode 79

This week we have done the unthinkable and allowed a banished acolyte to return to the show and prove his worth once and for all. And by that, I mean Smitty wanted to come back so we said ok and now he's back. But does he still have what it takes to banter with the top bants? Does he still have the baby carrot dick and desires to fuck chicks with dicks? Or has he banished that part of him and allowed Scott and his 36% gayness take the top prize for gayest character? Or does Dave and Rico suddenly come in and become super gay out of the blue? We literally cover none of that this week, and Smitty is back just because. It's just another ordinary episode, and yes, Scott is still 36% gay based off of the answers Dave gave him on that internet test.  

1) How can we create the most dystopian working environment?

2) What are some traditions that have been done away with because they're weird or gross?

3) What was the biggest lie you were told as a kid?

4) All boners now produce a buzzing sound. How do you go about concealing your boners?

Yesterday we dropped a bonus episode. There are now 9 in total, and it would be a fukn shame if you didn't donate $1 per month to unlock all of it. You see that donate button? That's all it takes. Then it can be yours. I did the math just now. You're missing out on just shy of 6 full hours of new Important Questions content. That sucks. You suck. You should not suck and buy that content. 

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