Episode 77

February 6, 2020

Episode 77

Baby nut artwork to dedicate my hatred of baby nut. Scott tortures me with baby nut, baby yoda, and future baby products that they'll bastardize for sales. 

For those who don't know, you'll know later in this episode - I despise the baby trend.

This week we give Rico housewarming presents and then answer some important questions. Those include....

1) What are the strangest products to do off-the-shelf testing?

2) In what ways does being rich suck?

3) Why are ads and branding the worst?

At the risk of sounding hypocritical, ads suck. However, we also need to advertise that $1 per month means an extra episode. Click that donate button and make your tax deductible (maybe) donation. Shit, you can share the link to the bonus episodes with friends for free. I don't really care. Just wanna know you beauners are out there; laughing.....smiling....shidding.

Also, darker colored shirts in the shop soon to meet demand. If you like darker shirts that show dandruff, here they come!

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