Episode 76

January 30, 2020

The three things to look forward to this show are:

1) Scott and Dave do poor impressions.

2) Rico does really fucking bad impressions. 

3) The original recording of our theme song has been dug up and put at the end for our outro. 

Those of you who donate to our Patreon got a small taste of that during our bonus episode that dropped this Tuesday. And I'm taking a stab here and saying that your dead end job could really do some good with an extra hour of  bonus content every month. Something to numb YOUR pain while the money simultaneously helps numb OUR pain. It's win/win. Now you're probably already too excited to read on, but if you do - here's what to expect.

1) How can animals without thumbs kill themselves?

2) What is the worst trend?

3) What would Trump do for work if he were suddenly broke?

Do me a favor and call 815-905-1138 and leave a voicemail. I'm sick of Austin still calling in every couple of months to remind us of his existence while everyone else seems to have permanently fucked off. 

Have a pleasant ass week.

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