Episode 75

January 23, 2020

Episode 75

idk man fuck here's an episode of our podcast. can i really be original this long into a show's history?


It is with great fukn pride that I reveal, although this is episode 75, this is officially 100 episodes of the our podcast. When we hit episode 100, we'll have the real celebration.

Here's your episode 100/75 questions for the week.

1) What would you do and where would you go during a nuclear holocaust?

2) What dream logic would you never fall for in real life?

3) What weird experiments can you do to make people think you're crazy?

We love you. 

A bonus episode drops NEXT WEEK and I have it on good authority that it's funnier "than shit" according to sources. Would hate for you to miss it, so if you're not bonering yet, consider bonering now and hitting that donate button up top. 

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