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October 15, 2020

Episode 94

Episode 94

It's been approximately 7-8 episodes since we dropped a new shit tier, mid tier, and god tier question on your asses, and Smitty delivers here with the first one that's enjoyable start to finish and that doesn't ramble on too long and end up covering 59 of our 65 minutes. For that, you all have a real nice treat ahead of you. And here's all the other shit we're going to discuss.

1) What are the shit tier, mid tier, and god tier swear words?

2) What would we (middle class white people) want to go out and loot?

3) What is the longest we've gone in adult life without cumming?

4) What are the worst gender reveal ideas?

I would like to also point out that I, Dave, will be uploading a bonus episode early next week. And if you're not in that super cheap $1 monthly donation tier, then you ain't getting shit my friend. You get nothing but a fucked ass. That sucks man.

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