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March 14, 2019



Happy Pi Day dudes. Through many hard practice sessions, Dave finally managed to get a Gilbert Gottfried impression that isn't awful. It isn't good, but it's identifiable. 

Anyways, Adam is back with us this week so take that however you wanna. Stick around for a new special guest starting 3/28.

The questions this week are:

1) How do you know if you're in love?

2) What movie would make the worst Lego reboot?

3) What Halloween costumes shouldn't be made sexy?

4) What would America be like if the white man never showed up?

As you can see, an absolutely exhilarating lineup this week. 

But what can you do to make it even better? Can you throw money at us? Yes. But we understand some of our listeners may be poor, unproductive, unemployed, garbage, burning shit heaps of human beings, and for those who fall into that category, you can also just submit a question for free. We actually don't charge for our questions like other question podcasts. 

Can you believe this shit actually? Real quick, Google our show and go down like 4-5 links. The 'Better' Questions podcast....are you fkn kidding me m8? You really think some asshole is gonna buy that? You can't just label yourself as the better questions. We're the best questions, so fuck you guys and your questions about my faith journey through the church. 

Also, our voicemail line before it gets cold and dies. 815-905-1138.

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