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August 22, 2019

Episode 62

Episode 62

Holy shit beauners, is that over 90 minutes of content? Yes, it fucking is. And you're welcome. 

Holy shit beauners, is that 2 guys getting off on a golf course as your artwork?  Yes it fucking is. And you'll get it later. And you're welcome.

Holy shit beauners, is next week a bonus episode? Yes it fucking is. And $1 per month can mean you have some gr8 fuggin content. And you're welcome.

This week, the questions are......

1) What time period would you go back to if you could control the circumstances?

2) What are the best ways to kill time when the power goes out?

3) What is better than sex?

4) What would every day life be like if we lived in an infomercial?

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The Listener Special

Your questions, answered.

July 25, 2019

The Listener Special: Volume 6

What is our pre jerk off routine?

Why is Colby anti abortion?

What is a good boy?

What is one super power we would not want?

What would daily life be like if we were blind?

The Lightning Round

We answer important questions, but more of them, faster.

November 26, 2018

The Lightning Round Volume 4

What is the evolutionary advantage of being ticklish?

What is the best use of $1 in current year?

If Steven Hawking is so smart, how come he is dead?

What would be the worst guard animal?

Haggis food review.

What is the least amount of money we would accept to have no hygiene upkeep for 3 months?

How Low

The show where we decide just how low we'll go...

April 20, 2018

Episode 9 - Suckin' Tapeworms From A Cat's Anus

What is the least amount of money we would accept to suck a tapeworm from a cat's anus?

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